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Girlfriend Activation System Texting Tips: How To Keep A Girl From Flaking Out

Fit Girl Texting On Her IphoneEver had a girl flake on you?  Sucks, doesn’t it?

You know the drill: you’re all set for a date, she sounds excited about it all week, and then at the last minute, she cancels and gives you some B.S. excuse for why she can’t make it.

Well, today I want to share with you a quick texting tip from the Girlfriend Activation System to keep girls from flaking on you in the future.  I’ll even let Christian, author of the Girlfriend Activation System and the award-winning How2TXTHer program, chime in and give you some exact texts you can use.

If you want to keep a girl from flaking out, you’ll want to send these texts around 1PM on the day of your date.  I’m sure you’re thinking, why 1PM?   Well, as Christian points out:

“That’s right around when she’s thinking about whether or not she wants to commit to going out with you that night. By 3, she’s made a decision, and if you haven’t reached out to her by then, chances are she’ll reach out to you… either to confirm, or to cancel.  So – why not help her make the right choice?”

The reason women flake out is because their feelings and emotions are constantly changing.  When she agreed to go on a date, she was feeling really good about you.  But that doesn’t mean she’s 100% committed.

A lot of things can happen between the time you first ask her out and the time the actual date rolls around.  For example, maybe you’re not the only guy she met that night.  Maybe she gets in a fight with her ex during the week.  Or finds out she’s not getting the raise at work she’s been hoping for.

Hundreds of things can affect her mood on a daily basis.  If she’s in a bad emotional state on the day of the date, she can flake out if she’s not already extremely invested in you.  So what can you do?  How can you keep a girl from flaking out on you?

I’ll let Christian explain:

“Now as we already learned, she agreed to go out with you when she was in a good emotional state. So if we don’t want her to flake on the date, then our best bet is to put her back in a good emotional state… or in other words, put a smile on her face and maybe make her laugh a little bit.

Enter the “False Choice.”

It’s a simple question you send to her, phrased in such a way that there’s one obvious, correct choice for her to make… and a second choice, which is funny, ridiculous, and which she’d never choose.

So here’s an example from my single days.

I sent her a message that said: “excited about tonight?”

I didn’t know this girl too well yet, so I was testing the waters.

She replied “yeah, what’s the plan?”

Often, girls want to know what you have planned – this will factor into their decision of going out with you or not. If they’re thinking about putting effort into doing themselves up, they want to see that you’ve put some effort into planning a date.

So put some effort into planning your dates… don’t be half-assed about showing a girl a good time!

And when she says “yeah what’s the plan?” I followed up with..

“Come by mine for dinner around 7, we’ll make some blackened salmon and open a nice bottle of pinot noir. Or we could go fishing in the east river? I’ll get the poles if you get the worms.”

Now obviously, there was no chance we were going to go fishing in the east river. But this false choice made her laugh, and she was over at mine a few minutes after 7. It was a memorable night 😉

Here’s another one I sent when I was living in New York:

“Hey, let’s meet down here in soho at 9 for a drink… unless you’d prefer midnight in the Bronx for some breaking and entering?”

And yeah…  if she’d chosen the breaking and entering option, that would have been a red flag. It was obviously a false choice, and of course, she thought it was funny.

Here’s a final example. Sometimes, if you’re a date or two in with a girl, and things are going well, you can be spontaneous and ask her if she’d like to do a quick, unplanned date. So you might send her something like:

“I am feeling ice-creamy-ish-stuff right now. come with?”

And she might reply…

“oh sounds interesting! what are you thinking?”

To which you’d reply:

“we can get pinkberry. or mochi at nobu. either way, really.”

Nobu is one of the most expensive Japanese restaurants in New York, so it should be obvious to her that we’re not planning to just pop in there for ice cream. And if it’s not, well…

So that’s the false choice. A simple message to make her laugh, sent around 1pm on the day of the date.”

Simple.  Easy.  Damn effective!

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Can You Easily Seduce Any Woman You Want With The Girlfriend Activation System?

Man Seducing A Woman

Seduction is an art form, it’s true. And there are a myriad of websites out there happy to sell you classes and packaged techniques they claim guarantee you success with women, whether you’re looking for a long term relationship or just trying to get a girl into bed.

Don’t get me wrong, some of these courses are really good. Take the Girlfriend Activation System (GFAS), for example, which I discuss again down below. Read the review at the following link if you want all the details:

The better courses, like GFAS, focus more on helping you become the type of man who naturally attracts women, rather than filling your head with canned pick-up lines, manipulation tactics, and that sort of nonsense.

The reality is, though there do exist some general rules that can be usefully employed in seducing the girl you want (whoever she may be), much of seduction has to do with your confidence, your personal style, and remaining true to yourself.

If you’re looking to easily seduce any woman you want, you can’t fake it. Being who you really are is one of the most important things to keep in mind, but sometimes it can take a while to find out who “you” really is.

So let’s briefly discuss just a few helpful guidelines to bear in mind as you chase the object of your affection.

1. Be Confident In Yourself And What You Bring To The Table

As mentioned previously, if you want to easily seduce women, you can’t fake it and pretend to be someone you’re not. Most women see right through that.

If you attempt to feign a persona, you’re doomed to failure from the get-go. It will come off as fake, clumsy, fumbling, insincere, and usually comes across as just a transparent attempt to get laid.

One of the most appealing qualities in a man is internal confidence. This, faster than anything else, will enable you to easily seduce any woman you want. Stay true to yourself as you pursue your woman.

If you’re a geek, so be it. If you’re a nerd, so be it. Own it, and be comfortable in your own skin. Women don’t care about looks, money, and all that stuff when a man has confidence to boot.

2. You Want Her, But You Don’t Need Her

I know this sounds counterintuitive, but when you’re actively pursuing a woman, it’s important to be flirtatious, to be interested when you’re with her, and to live your own life (and allow the woman to live hers) when you’re apart.

It goes to that old saying: absence makes the heart grow fonder. And, remember, neediness is the #1 killer of attraction, so you won’t seduce a woman by constantly texting her, calling her, or following her around like a lost puppy.

Women like men with drive and ambition: men who overcome obstacles, make their own way, live life by their own rules, and know no bounds to their potential. To seduce her, you need the mindset that you want her, but you don’t need her.

3. Break Through Her Walls

I’m not just talking about getting her to open up, or listening to her attentively (though both of those things go a long way towards getting her interested in taking things further). I’m talking about literally invading her personal space (in a seductive way) when you’re with her.

Get close to her. Let her know through touch and body language that you want to be closer to her body. Trust me. She will pick up on it.

There is a strange thing that happens psychologically when an individual’s comfort zone is penetrated. The mental walls start to come down.

As the physical barriers are breached, her thoughts will turn towards intimacy and the bedroom, and maybe even a lasting relationship if that’s what you’re both after.

This won’t happen immediately, and a big part of seduction is learning how to escalate the relationship at the right time. That moment when she’s ready for you to make your move. Miss it or go too early and you kill the attraction. Get it right, and she can become obsessed right then and there.

How do you get this part of your dating life handled? Video 5 of the Girlfriend Activation System, titled “Nick Sparks On Sexuality”, is an excellent place to start if you want to learn how to go from friendly to seductive with a girl, without coming across as creepy, inappropriate, or overly aggressive.

You really can’t go wrong with Nick’s stuff! Learn it. Use it. And seduce the woman you want!